Cotton thread

Cotton yarn is the main product, produced by «Ark Eko Tekstil» FE LLC. It is a Russian foreign light industry enterprise representing a limited liability company. Our company is just making its first steps, having started official activities in April 2012, but it has great potential and far-reaching plans. At present, the main volume of production and sales in Ark Eko Tekstil is accounted for by cotton yarn. Cotton yarn from Uzbekistan is competitive and can significantly increase the export potential of the Republic.

Equipping with high-performance automatic equipment of German firms “Trützschler” and “Saurer Shlafhorst”, allows us to produce cotton yarn and harsh cloth of high quality.

Sale of yarn

Manufacture and sale of cotton yarn is the key activity of the LLC “Arkekotekstil” LLC. The company works entirely on local raw materials, because Uzbek cotton is well known all over the world and enjoys well-deserved popularity. The production of cotton fiber in Uzbekistan is increasing every year. Our friendly team is also focused on the future. We intend to constantly increase the production and sales of cotton yarn of the highest quality. For this we have everything we need: modern imported automatic equipment, quality raw materials, qualified personnel.

Yarn cotton 100%

Yarn cotton takes up to eighty percent of all the volume produced by our enterprise products. At the enterprise strict and constant control over the incoming raw materials is conducted, as well as, for the produced yarn, in accordance with the technical conditions and required standards. At each stage of yarn production, laboratory control is carried out on Uster equipment. Our yarn from 100% cotton fully meets the world quality standards.

Natural yarn from Uzbekistan will always be in demand, because, unlike artificial or synthetic yarn, cotton yarn has such qualities as: strength, hygiene, comfort, ecological cleanliness and safety, which is very much appreciated today.