Our company is aimed at the wholesale of fabrics and coarse calico from Uzbekistan to anywhere in the world, not only for the CIS countries, but also for the far abroad, along with an increase in the range and volumes of products. We strive to achieve 70-80% of the export of our goods, and also, to create a modern technical base by attracting the latest technologies.

Fabrics in bulk from the manufacturer

Fabrics wholesale from the manufacturer favorably differ in price from those offered by retail outlets. Direct sale excludes trading margins, and also, it allows to carry out individual orders, in accordance with the requirements of the customer. We sell fabrics of different width, from 80 cm and up to 220 cm, while guaranteeing their high quality. The enterprise produces cotton fabrics with a surface density of 100 g / m2 to 200 g / m2, with various patterns.

Sale of fabrics wholesale

Sale of fabrics wholesale turns out mutually beneficial both for the producer and for the buyer. Win two parties at once. «Ark Eko Tekstil» FE LLC produces fabrics with a wide range of coloristic registration. The customer can make the order for the drawing, finishing or color of fabric. Our fabrics for 100% consist of cotton, keeping all advantages of natural fabrics: environmental friendliness, air permeability, comfort and durability.

Sale of fabrics wholesale from Uzbekistan steadily expands the geography of deliveries. Our enterprise has established commercial relations with a number of the CIS countries and plans to enter the international textile market in the near future.