«Ark Eko Tekstil» FE LLC focuses on wholesale deliveries, mainly offering yarn and calico by the gross. All our products are produced from local Uzbek raw materials, supplied from the Bukhara region and Kashkadarya, from Karakalpakstan.

Heavy calico

The coarse calico, being a completely natural cloth, has all the qualities of natural raw materials – cotton, from which it is made. This dense cotton fabric has many advantages, such as: environmental friendliness, comfort, low shrinkage, high strength, which allows it to withstand a large number of washings. Products made from a stale coarse calico, too, has these remarkable qualities. Usually coarse calico is used for sewing work clothes, mittens, bags. It perfectly suits as linings in shoe, sewing and furniture manufacture.

Calico for sale

Coarse calico sale is a promising activity of the enterprise«Ark Eko Tekstil» FE LLC . Calico is practical, natural, breathable. Such characteristics will always be in demand, and widespread use of coarse calico provides a high sales volume. Coarse calico is known from ancient times, it was previously supplied to other countries from Asia, so it was even called Asian. But at the present time, the sale of calico from Uzbekistan has not lost its importance, its supplies are growing every year.