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Ark Eko Tekstil LLC was established in April 2012.

The enterprise is located on an area of ​​2 hectares, with a total usable area of ​​20 thousand m2.

Ark Eko Tekstil LLC is engaged in the production of cotton yarn of different numbers, as well as coarse calico, fabrics and gray gauze. The main part of the output is cotton yarn, which accounts for 70 to 80% of all volumes.

Modern equipment made in Germany makes it possible to produce high quality, environmentally friendly products, while steadily increasing production volumes.

In a short time, the enterprise managed to master not only the local Uzbek market, but also to establish partnerships with Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Ark Eko Tekstil LLC is a round-the-clock production with a three-shift schedule. The company has created favorable conditions for employees: it has its own vehicles, a clear schedule of work and rest is observed. All people employed in production are provided with timely and high-calorie nutrition.

Ark Eko Tekstil LLC plans:

– increasing the partner base, entering the world textile market;

– purchase of new computerized lines and equipment from world manufacturers to expand the production of the range of products;

– purchase of modern weaving machines and expansion of weaving production;

– creation of a dealer network in the CIS countries;

– participation in republican and international exhibitions and fairs on textiles.

Picanol 2

At the initial stage of the production chain, the world-famous equipment of the German companies TRUETZSCHLER GMBH & CO KG and SAURER SPINNING SOLUTIONS GMBH AND CO. KG is used.

Cotton fiber in bales, coming from the warehouse to the scutching shop, is fed to a loosening and cleaning line equipped with machines manufactured by Trutzschler. Here, cotton bales are opened at the appropriate temperature and conditions, cleaned of debris and foreign objects with minimal loss and damage. In addition, in this workshop, in order to produce yarn of uniform quality, fibers of various grades and types are mixed. At this stage, our specialists make the most of all the possibilities in order to obtain the best connection from the fiber and for the further production of high-quality products.

Refined cotton fiber comes from the scutching shop in the form of lumps of various sizes with impurities. In the carding shop, each fiber is combed, laid out in parallel along its length, at the same time it is cleaned of impurities, black dots, short fibers and a carding tape is produced. The carding belt in the carding shop on the carding machine manufactured by Trutzschler is subjected to the last stage of cleaning from impurities, short fibers and seed skins. As a result, the degree of homogeneity of the fiber is increased. After that, the tapes are prepared on draw frames.

The carded tape has many irregularities, the fibers are not parallel to each other, therefore, in the tape process, the carded tapes received from the previous process are combined and pulled, bringing them to the same weight in units of length and producing a smoother parallel laid out carded tape. After that, the carded tape is placed in the cans and fed to the spinning machines.

The last process in a spinning mill, where the carded tape is converted from fiber to yarn: the carded tape received from the tape process is pulled, brought to the desired thickness and wound on a reel. Finished bobbins of yarn are placed in a plastic bag and packed in polypropylene bags of 24 pcs.

The yarn wound on a bobbin is checked for quality deviations: appearance, yarn number, yarn twist, and average weight. For quality control, USTER Tensorapid 3 is used.

Part of the yarn produced is used in the weaving shop for the production of gauze, coarse calico, twill, poplin, satin, stripy satin, etc., of various densities and widths. The weaving shop uses world-famous equipment from Lindauer DORNIER GmbH (Germany), Picanol nv (Belgium). The manufactured products of the weaving shop, after the measuring machine, based on the request of the customer, are wound into rolls or stacked on pallets and packed in a proper way for further transportation.

The manufactured products of the weaving workshop (coarse calico, twill, poplin, satin, stripy satin) are exported, and the required amount is supplied to the sewing factory. In the sewing factory, these products are used to sew 100% cotton eco-bags. Eco bags are packed in cardboard boxes for further export. The produced eco-bags are OEKO-TEX® certified.

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